See is a group screen share and video conference platform

See is the all new way to communicate with your friends. 

See allows you to share the contents of your mobile screen or desktop with your friends while you chat with them. 

On the iPhone and Android your friends can see your screen or you but not both at the same time. So when you are sharing your screen then your friends see your screen and hear you. 

On the web you can choose however many apps you want to share or your whole desktop while everyone can see your video. 

Your friends see everything on your screen including any messages that popup so you may want to put your device on Do Not Disturb mode to prevent any messages appear.


How much is See?

See is free
See is currently free. We are focused on getting See to be used by as many people as possible.

In the future, we will offer premium services like stickers, filters, and games that may incur a cost to help pay for the services.




We take privacy seriously. 

See does not record any of your calls, conversations or screen shares.

We do not sell your data to 3rd parties.

Our full privacy policy is here


Installing on iPhone

Download the See app
You can tap the following link to install the See app on your iPhone or iPad.

The See app requires iOS 12.


How does See work on iOS?


Apple put a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that their apps and platform is secure. 

In iOS 11 which launched in 2018, Apple allowed the ability to record the screen. You had to add a special screen record button to your control center and you could record the screen. If you long pressed the button then you could pick an app like See to send the recording to. 

This process was a bit cumbersome so in iOS 12 Apple made it much easier by allowing the installed app to bring up the screen recording facility built into the OS. This feature is what See uses to record your iPhone screen and then broadcast it to your friends in real-time. 

We take this stream and pass it to our global network of 100 servers to deliver the stream and transcode it so it is viewable on the web and Android versions of our app with a sub 1 second latency.

The See app requires Android 5.0 or above