First thing - is your webcam & microphone plugged in?

OK. We know you probably checked that first.

You have to allow permissions for your browser to be able to access the camera and microphone. 

When you first visit See and start a call you will see a popup that looks like one of the following: 




For whatever reason if you don't see these popups then you have probably denied permissions for all web sites or just this one in the past and you may see something like the following in the browser address bar. 

Tapping these camera icons lets you change the settings to allow Camera and Microphone access for 

You may have completely blocked all web sites from accessing the camera and microphone and the following settings are ways in which you can resolve this.

Open the File menu -> Preferences -> Websites -> Camera & Microphone
then change the deny for to allow

Type the following into your address bar: chrome://settings/content

And then tap Camera and flick the blocked switch and/or remove from the Block list. Do the same for the microphone.

Type the following into your address bar about:preferences#privacy
Scroll down to Permissions

Tap Camera -> Settings
Uncheck the Block setting and if appears in website that status is allow
Also do this for Microphone.

We hope this helps you resolve the camera and microphone not working. If you are still experiencing problems let us know at 

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